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Dr. Eric Herrmann

Dr. Eric Herrmann

Meet Dr. Eric Herrmann

Growing up in his hometown of Eagle Grove, Iowa, Dr. Eric loved to be active and play sports, especially baseball and football. In his first year of high school, however, Dr. Eric got a lower back injury that brought him into see the local chiropractor.

From A Teenage Inspiration

Dr. Eric was soon out of pain but continued to get regular chiropractic care and other parts of his life started to get better. Like his wife, Dr. Eric felt his allergies eased by chiropractic. “They had gotten so much better since I was under regular chiropractic care.” He also was less susceptible to common illnesses and colds.

Dr. Eric went to the chiropractor before every Friday night football game to make sure he was ready to play. It was during these visits that Dr. Eric got to know his chiropractor and more about chiropractic. “I got very interested,” Dr. Eric recalls — so much so that he decided to become a chiropractor himself.

Found at Palmer:
Love and a Deepened Appreciation for Chiropractic

Dr. Eric went on to graduate from The University of Iowa with his Bachelor of Arts in health sciences in 2010. Four years later, he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, with his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

At Palmer, Dr. Eric and Dr. Megan had a very special professor, Dr. Ramneek Bhogal, who not only married the two of them, but who deepened their chiropractic philosophy. “Dr. Bhogal laid the foundation of our understanding about how the nervous system controls all body functions and relies on the integrity of the spine, making what we do as chiropractors profoundly special and unique compared to other areas of healthcare.”

Dr. Eric wants patients to know that chiropractic is much more than just easing low back pain. Chiropractic is an important tool in your wellness toolbox. It’s about helping people live every part of their lives in the healthiest way possible, “Eating whole foods, getting adjusted and living a healthy life, I believe, can help people immensely.”

Outside of the Office

Away from the office Dr. Eric enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking, hunting with his dad, playing sports, including golf, traveling and running. Dr. Eric is also a huge Iowa Hawkeyes fan.

Come talk to Dr. Eric about getting your nervous system to work optimally and begin your journey to healthier living! Give us a call at (515) 276-4946 to book your first appointment.

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