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Meet Dr. Michael Tiffany

Dr. Michael grew up on an acreage near Minburn, Iowa and was involved in 4-H and numerous sports throughout school. He attended Adel-DeSoto-Minburn High School where he played on the baseball team and often saw his local chiropractor to keep him performing at his best. Dr. Michael’s passion for both 4-H and sports cemented the idea that he wanted to continue to help people live active, healthy lives for his career.

An Introduction to Chiropractic

At a routine physical while Dr. Michael was in college, he was shocked to learn he had high blood pressure at just 20-years old. The prescribed medication to treat it was a wakeup call and that night he decided his lifestyle had to change. He lost 45 pounds in 7 months by exercising and overhauling his diet. After the weight loss, Dr. Michael’s blood pressure returned to normal, while the medication he was prescribed remained on his vanity, having never been opened.

After this firsthand experience of the body’s innate wisdom and natural healing powers, Dr. Michael knew that he wanted to help others realize their natural healing abilities and health goals. He remembered how much his chiropractor helped him during his athletic career and knew that chiropractic was the avenue that would fulfill his dream. He then enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the fountainhead of chiropractic.

Active Release Technique

While at Palmer, Dr. Michael enjoyed the anatomy classes and labs that illuminated how intricately everything in the body is connected. He also took particular interest in a technique called the Active Release Technique, which is a non-invasive approach to quickly resolve soft tissue disorders. Dr. Michael continues to take seminars to stay up to date on the latest research and techniques for all areas of the body. Dr. Michael is excited to now serve the Johnston community and continue to empower his patients to realize their true healing potential.

Outside the Office

Dr. Michael and his wife Alyssa moved to Johnston in 2021 after Alyssa was hired as a teacher for the Johnston Community School District. They have grown to love the area, especially biking and hiking the Des Moines metro trails with their dog, Journey. In November 2023, Kaeson was born to Dr. Michael and Alyssa, marking the joyous arrival of their first child. They also enjoy spending time with friends and family, yoga, and hosting Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball watch parties.

Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle by consulting with Dr. Michael, who can provide valuable insights on improving the functionality of your nervous system and achieving optimal well-being! Give us a call at (515) 276-4946 to book your first appointment.

Dr. Michael Tiffany | (515) 276-4946