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What to Expect

From the moment you and your family walk into Herrmann Family Chiropractic you can expect the highest quality of chiropractic care. We pride ourselves on being extremely thorough, and want you to feel as comfortable with and as confident in your treatment plan as we are.

The First Visit

The intake forms are available online for you to fill out before your initial consultation. Paperwork completed online allows for a more efficient first visit! If you cannot fill out the forms before your arrival, they are also available in the office. Once the paperwork is completed one of our doctors will perform the following:

  • A comprehensive medical history
  • A physical examination, including orthopedic and neurological tests of the spine (and extremities if necessary)
  • A nervous system scan
  • X-rays, if necessary
  • A specific chiropractic adjustment based on what was learned from the exam, scans and X-rays

After your first visit, we will then reschedule you to come in for your second visit. The first visit lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

The second visit consists of the doctor providing a thorough report of findings and presenting you with a care plan. Dr. Eric or Dr. Megan will sit down with you and your family and go over what was found for each patient on the first appointment including the nervous system scan, exam findings, and radiology findings if X-rays were performed. The doctor will recommend a personalized care plan for your specific needs. We will discuss insurance and payment options, and answer any questions you may have. After you choose to accept care, the doctor will analyze if subluxations are present and a second adjustment will be performed if necessary. The second visit lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.

Drs. Eric or Megan will determine if a subluxation is present, and then perform a specific adjustment to correct it. At the end of a care plan, a re-exam will be performed to track each patient’s progress. A re-exam will consist of a nervous system scan and retesting of positive exam findings. At the following appointment, the doctor will again go over exam findings and inform the patient of an updated care plan.

Sharing Our Chiropractic Education with You

During your first two visits you will gain a solid understanding of chiropractic. Then during your regular visits we will continue to educate you about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what other body functions this adjustment could help. It’s important to keep in mind that chiropractic isn’t just about getting you out of pain and sending you on your way.

Chiropractic is about prevention and can potentially help any of your body’s organic functions! In addition to our “table talk” education, we will be having health talks and workshops in the near future. We also have reading material available to you in the office to further your understanding of what chiropractic is all about. At Herrmann Family Chiropractic you will never be uninformed as to what we’re doing and why! Be confident in your care and give us a call today at (515) 276-4946.

What to Expect | (515) 276-4946