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Chiropractic Can Be Part Of Your Wellness Story

Docs by tableAt Herrmann Family Chiropractic, we realize health is not merely an absence of disease. Being healthy requires prevention with a properly functioning nervous system, quality nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Drs. Eric and Megan address all these factors with their care plans by providing adjustments, nutritional counseling, and supports including Standard Process supplements and Foot Levelers orthotics.

Our primary focus is on how your body is functioning, and our ultimate goal is to keep your nervous system free of interference, allowing your body to function optimally.

Who We Help

Drs. Eric and Megan believe that everyone can benefit from a healthy spine and a properly functioning nervous system. Learn more about these special areas of chiropractic care:

Pregnancy: The demand that pregnancy puts on a mother’s body is strong. Chiropractic can help women actually enjoy this beautiful season and prepare for birth itself.

Pediatrics: Children do not have the long-term spinal damage that many adults do. Finding and correcting misalignments early can prevent many common childhood issues.

Athletes: As an athlete himself, Dr. Eric knows all about the obstacles an athlete needs to overcome. From aches and pains to wanting to perform at your best – chiropractic can help.

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